Un able to send campaign with attachments

version 3.5.2

In start campaign I go through the steps 1-6. When I click on the ATTACH tab, I can select a file(s) graphics and pdfs. Max of 20 M max file size 20M.

When I click process nothing is sent. No message and no message with attachment. Even if I send test to myself, nothing is received.

In my config file I have the following:






$attachment_repository = ‘/tmp’;

Not sure if I get notification of possible answers but if not, please email me at pmrii at wcart dot net

@philr look at the event log page for any error that has been reported.

I see nothing unusual in the log. So I sent a test to a private list of 5 people. This is the result:

Processing has started,
One campaign to process.
Please leave this window open. phpList will process your queue until all messages have been sent. This may take a while
Report of processing will be sent by email
Processing campaign 28
Looking for subscribers
Found them: 5 to process
Error: Process Killed by other process

Script stage: 5
2 failed (will retry later)
Finished this run
Less than batch size were sent, so reloading imminently

@philr it’s not clear from your description but are you saying that sending a campaign without an attachment works, but when sending with an attachment fails?
Just try sending a test email to try to narrow down what is happening.

Usually this message means that there is another instance of processing the queue, such as a cron job

Correct. W/o attachments the campaign goes through. With attachments it does not.

Sent test to self and it failed.

How do I check to see is another instance is running?

@philr you could try enabling VERBOSE in the config.php file to see whether that helps in identifying the problem. Any problems should be shown on the Event Log page.