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Two bugs in the automated translation from English to German


Hi there,
I found two “bugs” in the translation from English to German. I am not talking about wrong translation of words but links to the wrong language files:

  1. When I go to my phplist homepage there is a headline and some lines which can be adjusted to German in the settings menu (links to 'subscribe", ‘unsubscribe’, ‘settings’) or in the German language file “”. However, the last line saying “Contact the administrator” can not be found at these locations. I had to change line 375 in the index.php-file in the root directory to fix this and change it to German.
  2. If you follow the link from there (not from within an email) to the preferences page you are told to give your email address to get an email which authorizes you to go and change the settings. When you enter your email address a new headline appears saying “Succes! bla bla…” in English. This is due to the variable “$strPersonalLocationSent” from the language file. But unfortunately this variable has not been taken from “” but from “defaultFrontendTexts,php” from the admin directory and thus is not automatically translated when swithing on German language.
    I hope this helps, Rainer


For bug No. 1 a correction has already been described in the support category -> problem solved. Thanks.