Trying to export subscribers in a list

Try as I might, all export comes out as a pdf file, not as a csv. Campaigns export as csv, but not the subscriber list.
Any thoughts as to why?

@ N00bie
not sure.
When I look at my system I only can export as csv:

That is the ONLY option but it downloads a pdf, not a csv file. THAT is the problem

Sorry, don’t know why that happens.

You could query the database, like this:
SELECT email FROM phplist_user_user
gives you all the subscribers their email.

You can join with table phplist_listuser to see on which list they are:SELECT,phplist_listuser.listid FROM phplist_user_user
JOIN phplist_listuser
ON = phplist_listuser.userid

query may need some tweaking, but it’s a start.