Trouble with deliverability to gmail accounts

I’ve done a test mailing to a special test account including my mail addresses at my domains and my addresses at gmail. My domains addresses get this test email, my three gmail addresses get nothing, not even in spam folder. PHList is configured to use SMPT.

I have a simple email PHP script that also is configured to use SMPT (I’ve got the code from the Web.) The emails sent from this mailer get delivered fine to all addresses.

What could be creating the difference? Where to look for the wrong settings in PHPList? My script doesn’t have lots of features that PHPList has, but at least it delivers to gmail addresses.

I’m replying to my own post - nobody replied to it since September. I’ve tried all I could think about and the situation is the same - gmail addresses in my test mailing don’t get emails. Anybody with similar problem? I need a mailer and already losing all hope. I used PHPlist before and a few yers ago it was fine.

Hi @alexeiz,

I think you are finding the subtleties of sending emails. Once the email has left your system, it’s up to the receiving system to do whatever they want with it (for instance, Google puts in the spam folder).

To troubleshoot this, you would need to look at the headers and compare the emails sent from your script and the emails sent by phpList. That might provide some indication as to why gmail is putting the phpList generated emails into the spam folder.

Another workaround, which I find works well, is to use Amazon SES as the smtp server. Use the Amazon SES plugin, and configure with the settings provided by Amazon. This would eliminate any smtp configuration errors or incompleteness that might be on your system (dkim, spf, etc.)

You didn’t mention where you got your list. I’m assuming it’s double opt-in. If it’s not, and your recipients click on the ‘junk’ button on their email, eventually (like after about 30 minutes!) google will generate a global rule to always put emails from your system into the junk folder (unless the user puts the ‘from’ email address into their address book, which whitelists emails from that address into the inbox).

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I am also having this issue. I had been sending to my list for about a year with no major issues. Now when I go to send my monthly email to my list, I can’t even send the test mail to MYSELF at a gmail address. I know I have a few weirdnesses, in that the sending email is not my domain but we were able to work around this before. I am tempted to move this whole thing to mailchimp and then I will have someone to yell at when things go wrong. I don’t have time to scratch my head over email headers.

Thank you so much! There is a difference in the headers from my mailer’s email and from PHPList, mine are much, much simpler.

As I understand PHPlist uses PHPMailer for building everything in the email, my script doesn’t. How do I change headers in PHPList?
Do I have any access to them?

Using Amason - is there a limit? Not very often, about once in a week or two I have to mail to several thousand, up to 15K (my program members)
I’m using my script for it, 600 email per hour ( my limit is 750), but it mails only text emails. If I import this list into PHPList, it’s reaching about a half of addresses or less

I’m not a great PHP programmer, I know a little, but not much, have usually to use snippets I find on the Net. I’ve used PHPList in the past, the troubles started with the version 3. I guess my setting are wrong, cannot find where. I use the same access data to connect to the same SMPT server - why such a difference> Any hints?