Trouble checking bounces on GMail

Hi everyone,

I suspect this might be a problem with my webhost, but posting here in case someone has had a similar issue.

I’ve installed phpList for a client. I have access to the webserver, but they host their emails through Gmail. I’m having trouble checking the bounces mailbox in order to process bounces.

Gmail requieres SSL via port 995 and I have set my config.php accordingly.

When I click ‘process bounces’ link, phpList shows “Processing please wait. Do not interrupt!”, but that’s all. I’ve left it for a few minutes, but nothing is displayed in the results box.

I am able to connect to the mailbox using the same settings via Outlook, so the settings are fine. The webhost is trying firewall settings in case that’s the problem, but so far no luck.

Has anyone encountered this problem before? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Sorry, I don’t know anything about this. If you don’t get a reply over a few days then please try the developers mailing list or report a bug :slight_smile:

In case anyone has similar issues and comes across this thread, it turns out this was an issue with the server’s firewall settings.

The webhost made some additional changes and phpList is now able to connect to the Gmail mailbox.

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Can you describe in more detail?