Trevelin theme rendering on Safari for Mac

On Safari for Mac, the login page looks a little odd…
i added the following to the ‘styles.css’ file, and it looks much better:

#login-form .input-group {display: table-cell; }

The new theme is quite nice!

EDIT: please ignore the css above, and use this instead:

#login-form table {border-color: transparent;}

@petersphilo Thanks for the feedback! Could you provide a screenshot so we can see what this fixes?

EDIT: no problem, i just looked at the login page in Vivaldi for comparison, and it looks a little different…
for Safari to look the same, please ignore edit above, and just use this:

#login-form table {border-color: transparent;}

Before fixes:

After Fixes:

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@petersphilo That’s brilliant, thanks. I’ve reported the matter to the issue tracker and you can follow progress of your fix there:

i guess i should just have gone ahead and opened an issue instead of posting on the poll, which is wildly inappropriate…

quick note:
After looking at the theme in Vivaldi and comparing it with Safari, i found that it’s better to place the following css at the very beginning of the style.css file, it fixes a few inconsistencies here and there for Safari:


i put it at the very beginning so that it wouldn’t override any of the existing css…

i added a note in mantis

@petersphilo Thank you – no problem regarding moving the topic; that’s what the feature is there for :slight_smile: Marie should be along to look at the issue later this week. Stay posted!