Translate subscription labels

I am not into phplist but I am maintaining a multilingual website, where somebody else integrated phplist.
I was asked now to translate the labels in the subscriptions forms into the different languages. I have been googeling, but can not find any hint.
Thanks a lot for some keywords on what to do.

@tpk109 The subscription pages are already translated into many languages (in the lists/texts directory). What exactly are you looking at that needs to be translated?

what do you mean by lists/texts directory?

I need the labels of the form translated (E-Mail, Name, Vorname, Stadt, Land).

That is a directory within the phplist code.

Sorry but it is still not very clear what you want to do.

In your example Vorname, Stadt, Land etc are probably what are called attributes, and the name cannot be translated. You can give an attribute a name in German, “Stadt” say, but there is no way to display that in French. phplist doesn’t support that.

If your application displays in French then it can display a translated label, which it needs to manage, but still needs to refer to the “Stadt” attribute when submitting the subscription form.

Thanks a lot for helping. It’s easiest to show the links, I suppose

Where can I control the attributes? As said, I hardly know phplist

@tpk109 As a start, login to phplist then look at the attributes, menu Config > Configure attributes
There you will see all the attributes that have been created, such as Vorname, etc.

OK, found them. You write above that the labels can be translated. How do I manage that?

@tpk109 No, the attribute names cannot be translated.

So, are you saying that I can not have subscription forms with translated labels in phplist?

And therefore it’s not a good idea to have phplist on a multilingual page? Or is there a way to hack this somehow

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@tpk109 I don’t know of a work-around, but then I am English so haven’t really met this problem.

Depending on what you actually do with the values entered by subscribers, you might create additional attributes, one for each language. Then use the appropriate attribute on each subscribe page.

Hi, did you resolve this? I am also trying to see if I can use phplist for a multilingual site, with separate sign-up forms (linked to separate subscriber lists) for each language, and as a newbie to the software it isn’t obvious if that’s possible.