Transfer lists and campaigns from V3.0.12 to V3.3.3

Hello Forum!

We have 2 phplist servers. One is V3.0.12 and the other is V3.3.3. I still have a few admins using the first one and would like to know if there is a good way of transferring their lists and campaigns to the newest where the rest of the admins are, so than I could shut down the old one for good.

Thanks for your time.

This might be difficult, in that various tables ‘autoincrement’, and the row id’s would conflict if you just did a backup and a restore. The best way that i would suggest is to copy your old database, and restore it on the new server, but change the name. Move the old customer installation to the new server, point it at the (moved and restored) database (that has a different name)…

Then upgrade the older installs to whatever version you want (most likely you want it on v 3.3.3)…

Ok, Dan.

I think this trick shoud do part of the job and I will follow your suggestion. This way I can shut down the old machine.

The second part of the job (that is, moving the admins from the old server to the new one) depends on the easyness on copying recent campaigns on the old server and pasting it on the new one, but, for this specific aspect, I will try to settle a plan with them.

Thank you very much.