Transactional Email - API

Hi all,

I am looking for a PHP based email marketing platform that can send transactional emails as well as bulk email.

That is i need to send single custom emails to a single address via an API. Is this possible with phplist?

I also want to record customers to a mailing list with preferences (possibly tags) that I can use for segmentation.

My main question is above, if a sale occurs or a timed event passes and i need to send a single custom email to a single user, can phplist do this. Note: There maybe 10,000 of these a day, every day.

In the past i have used a platform called dotdigital (it records transactional emails, tracks and monitors them), but comes at a heavy price tag.

Any suggestions please.


Hi Gaz,
The short answer is ‘no’… phpList is designed for a different purpose, and I don’t believe the API will support what you are trying to do.