Token (Placeholder) not replaced with empty content?

Hi, I recently migrated from phplist 2.x to the latest and greatest 3.x

I sent out an email with the new version and for one of my test email addresses in the list, the token [NAME] had not been replaced with the content.

So the email read:
“Hi [NAME],
blah blah blah”

I checked the record and for that email address the Name field was empty.

PS. with the 2.x version I used to use, [NAME] would be removed.

Is this a known bug of the latest version ?
Or … something else ?

Hi, yes, known bug, fix due out with new version soon. Use Hi [NAME%%there] or Hi [NAME%%buddy] etc to bypass the issue for now.


Thanks Anna,

I didn’t know that syntax is possible !
Something learned again.

PS. where is this documented ?


In under attributes and placeholders :smile:

Thanks :smile:

I suppose it’s not possible to nest these place holders ?



Dunno… try it in a test mail and see :smiley:

Appears to work nicely in fact !!

Did not expect. Nice.

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Great! Could you possibly add a note to the manual chapter on placeholders? At the bottom there is a link to the thread where notes go.

If you could document exactly what you did, and why, and what the expected outcome might look like with Hi Joanne Bloggs type names, I will make sure it gets into the manual soon :smile: :smiley: awesome!