To choose a list in a second step

Hi all.
I’m trying to set up a mailing list where people, after the registration, can choose a sort of sub-category to receive only a specific kind of news.

At the moment, I’m just able to use the welcome message to add a link to the page which will show various topics. But I don’t find the way to let the user register to one of them. It seems that categories can be choosen only at the first step but I need to send one unique message to all and then different messages based upon the need of the subscriber.

Is it clean? How can phplist manage this?
Thank you in advance!

I have not done this yet but am working toward it, and I think the Segmentation plugin is the key.

I have defined an attribute that the user chooses when they register or update their subscription. As far as I can tell, I should be able to send a campaign based on that choice.

In my case it is for genres of books. A new subscriber (or a subscriber updating their subscription) can specify, for example, that they like Fantasy books. When I publish a new Fantasy book, I should be able to choose “Fantasy” as the attribute value when sending a campaign to announce that new book to only those who would want to read it. Everyone will get the same messages in the onboarding sequence, and I can send the same message to everyone later if I want to, but the attribute will be there to narrow the audience when applicable.

If that sounds like something that would work for you, take a look at the Segmentation plugin, apparently also known as the Segment plugin.