Timezone Plugin bug

I have a problem when setting the timezone to America/New_York, whenever I send the campaign in advance, let’s say about an hour or a day, at first it will prompt that 1hour or 1dat left to embargo then after 5minutes or so the message will send.

@arnoldfudolig Can you provide a complete example of this problem? So, what actions you made and when the campaign was sent.

It might be that the php and mysql times are not consistent.
You can see what phplist thinks the times are on the Timezones page, menu Config > Timezones.

I’v checked and seems to be fine.

The php timezone is “America/New_York”.
The php time is 08:21:34.

The mysql timezone is “-04:00”.
The mysql time is 08:21:34.

I was about to send the campaign at 8:30AM using the new timezone, I was setting this up around 6:30AM. 5minutes later, the campaign was sent already. I’ve checked everything. The date, the time and the year but it was okay.

@arnoldfudolig Can you use phpmyadmin to show the embargo datetime for the particular message on the message table?

From what I can see phplist uses the local time zone, which is now America/New_York, so an embargo of 8:30 should have been in the future when your time was 8:21.

What happens when you do not use the plugin? How does the server time relate to your local time?

Yeah, I think it uses the local time zone, I also have noticed whenever I fetch the RSS feed, the date used in “published” in the table was dated yesterday.

I assume that an article was published for example, on “Tue, 07 Aug 2018 00:00:00 +0000”.
Since I am using the timezone for “America/New_York” which was “-4:00”. So 00:00:00 - 4:00 right? So the article’s new published date is “Mon, 06 Aug 2018 20:00:00”.

So I changed some query when saving my rss feed to the table “CONVERT_TZ(’$published, ‘+00:00’, ‘+00:00’)” rather than using the “CONVERT_TZ(’$published, ‘+00:00’, session.time_zone)”

And it seems to be working now. I am bit still confused why it is working on sending campaigns, but hey its working :smiley: