The server didn't reply with a proper XML data

I have a problem with images download. Yesteday i upgrade phplist v to 3.2.5 and now, when try upload images, get a mistake: The server didn’t reply with a proper XML data. Please check your configuration.
All of this : i did, but my problem is here yet(((
What have me do ? Help me please!!!

@katti You should try using CKEditor instead. On the Manage Plugins page disable fckeditor and then enable CKEditor.
Also, ensure that you have set the image upload directory correctly, see

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Thank you, duncanc!! I ll try to do it today!

from Moscow with love…

well, CKEditor is workes, but now I have another question - how to change the directory for uploaded images? what should be the correct entry here: UPLOADIMAGES_DIR?
I change its so:
but CKEditor uploading images only to mysite/images/ - here it create a folder image
What i do no correctly?

@katti If you set


then the editor will store images in the directory /var/www/login/data/www/mysite/lists/images/image
But that directory holds phplist images. It is better to have a dedicated directory for only your uploaded images, e.g.


will store images in /var/www/login/data/www/mysite/upload/image

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Thank you, duncanc! I did it!
life has become easier…
a little thing: it was necessary to transfer information from one file (config_extended.php) to another (config.php)

Yes, that is correct.

Config.php vs config-extended.php

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