The server didn't reply with a proper XML data. Please check your configuration

I just migrated my site from Dreamhost (called nightmarehost now) to HostGator. Upon testing phpList, everything seemed to work ok until we tried to use the wysiwyg editor. Neither FCKeditor nor CKeditor work correctly. FCKeditor gives us the XML error, CKeditor gives a 404 error trying to browse existing images.

Yes, I’ve checked the config.php and have the image directories specified. Any help would be much appreciated.

Doug Davis

@Dougster You should use CKEditor now, not FCKEditor. Please explain exactly when the 404 error happens, and the URL that is being requested.

When I activate that plugin, I edit an existing campaign and right click on the image. I choose Image Editor then browse images and it gives a 404 screen instead of a list of images. I copied this from the old web server to the new one without any changes. All files are in the exact same place on both so I can’t figure out what isn’t working. If there are other settings I need to manage, help would be appreciated.

Just to make it simpler, here is the URL that causes the 404 error:

@Dougster Check that this file exists


If the file is not present then that should cause a “permisson denied” message but that might be coming through as “not found”.

That .htaccess file is in place.

@Dougster Relative to the web server root directory does the file exist?


Yes, I can SSH in to the server and see it but it comes up with the 404 error. Yes, it has the .htaccess file next to it in the folder. If you need to see the contents, let me know.

@Dougster You should raise the problem with your hosting company or system admin to look at the web server log files to see exactly why the file cannot be found.