The new guy - and yes I have problems with throttling

OK I’m very new to PHPList and my host is TSO who are normally excellent but I fear even they have given up on me this time. After days of forum-searching and config editing it’s still not working. At first I wanted to ‘fire & forget’ my newsletters but after TSO tried to set up a cron job for me that didn’t work I thought no biggie, I’m happy to keep my browser open while the newsletters go out. I understand (I think!) how batch sending and throttles work and have tried numerous settings so as to not offend my host’s 400/hr limit. After visiting an old post where someone said this worked I decided to concentrate on throttle settings only as opposed to batch (though I tried that too) using this:


By my reckoning that sends out the emails at a rate of 300/hr right? Well, in theory. Because even though the Dashboard tells me the campaign is still processing it has in fact stopped after 10 minutes or so. I have to close my browser, log back in and re-process the queue. I think PHPLIst may be logging me out after that time automatically, not sure.

Please help. This is driving me nuts.

Hey hey, never fear you will get help here :smile:

I am not a total genius with this stuff, but wait around and someone will help :slight_smile: You might want to try the remote queue processing system in place of a cron, that’s in the manual under sending. For the batch processing thing wait around for an expert :smile:

also, do note paid support rather than despair might be a good option :smile:

Thanks Anna I live in hope :blush:

Just checked out the remote processing and that looks excellent - I will definitely check that out but I fear that if there’s a problem with my other settings the fact it’s become ‘automated’ won’t make a difference, though if it is a logging out problem then who knows. Any help would be appreciated.

Hmmm… the problem deepens, sad to say. When I happened to look into setting up remote queue processing and went to the link Anna provided I got this:

“Cannot connect to database, Sql server is not running. Please check your configuration or contact the administrator.”

My host seems to think PHPList has been set up incorrectly, which is a bit rich as they did it for me lol. Any help out there?

UPDATE: OK not much help here as yet but I’ll update in case others have the same problem…I’ve just got into the link suggested by Anna to sort out remote queue processing (my directory was a different name) and will let you know if that solves the problem. At the moment PHPList is sending my Newsletters out but I have to reprocess every ten minutes. Maybe this will solve it.

UPDATE: I’m so happy! :slight_smile: At least for now. Seems to work like a charm so big thanks to Anna for the suggestion that I set up remote queue processing. It’s easy to do and coupled with the throttle setting in my config file (see above) I can stay within the hourly limit set by my host. Haven’t tried closing the browser yet (very nervous to try it just yet) but in theory it should work.

Hope this helps someone else! :grinning:

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Glad it worked :smile:

Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

Cheers Anna. Yes it works fine. I’ve even managed to run my mail overnight with my laptop switched off. Great stuff. :grinning: