The Footer: manual chapter feedback and discussion

Feedback on the following chapter:

Using a small campaign I forwarded a campaign from one of my email address to another. Te forwarded email did not fill in the [FIRST NAME] attribute in the forwarded email (I had not included the %% attribute.
Not sure if this is a bug or a feature. Presumably, because the forwarded email address was not in the database then the FIRST NAME attribute could not be found anyway. If that is the case then perhaps the manual should indicate that you must have the %% for the forward FIRST NAME feature to work. - Just guessing here.

I think it’s a bug that has now been fixed - so when we release the new version it will be fixed. Well spotted though :smile:

Is there a way to get the list name into a placeholder, e.g. [LIST_NAME], so you can use it in the footer such as in

You have received this mail because you are a registered subscriber of our newsletter β€œ[LIST_NAME]”.
You can unsubscribe or change your subscription options at
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Sounds like a feature request - follow this to suggest it :slight_smile: You should mark it as a feature request.