The campaign From line doesn't match to the reply address in a sent campaign


I have been successfully using phpList for a few years to send newsletters and emails for our local scouts group. It has proved very useful. It is common to receive reply’s to campaigns that we send. I have email addresses set up for the various sections of our group, I.e and Each section leader is set up as an admin within phpList. When they log in to phpList and send a campaign the from line is populated with their email address, for example

I have phpList set up to use gmail to send and process bounces.

When a campaign is sent, the reply to address is always set to the gmail address, despite the phpList from line being set to the address.

Is it possible to change this so that the or email addresses are set to the reply to address?


What version are you using?


Hi Anna,

Version 3.2.4

It is probably gmail that is setting the reply-to address, see
Why cannot you send emails (and deal with bounces) through your own domain?

Thanks duncanc.

I host my own email server (zimbra) and I did have phplist set up to use it. It seemed to work well, but I had several phplist subscribers who reported that they didn’t get emails from the list. phpList was sending them out, but no bounce was received. When I changed to use gmail users did get emails, so it seemed to solve my problem.

I think your are right about gmail setting the reply address. I don’t think I will be able to achieve my goal if I continue to use it.

I think the problem with my own email server is that my ISP doesn’t allow me to set a corresponding PTR record for my server. I believe some hosts require the PTR to match the server, otherwise messages are rejected, sometimes without a bounce.

I will be looking to change to a new ISP soon!



Hey, just out of interest, how many mails are you sending on average each month?

Probably about 300-400 per month. We use it to send information out to the parents of or Scouts Australia group.

Ok, well why not just use - it’s either free of $1 a month for that kinds of volume. Self-hosting for 400 mails a month is really a lot of work, it seems to me. If you sign up at I can help you though the support system there too :smile:

Let me know :smile:


Thanks Anna,

Sounds like a good option. Is the hosted option the same as the none hosted version? At the moment we have 8 admins and about 6 lists. Would it be possible to have a reply’s to phpList emails go to my email server where I have distribution lists set up?

Many thanks,



You mean 8 sub-admin accounts or 8 people simply using the same login?

I am not sure I understand the question exactly, but basically the features of are the same as the .org version, however, not all plugins are on .com and some things are simplified, but it’s essentially the same yes.