Test Mode disaster

I have used phpList for years. I recently installed a new phpList setup on a hosted server. I tested it and sent one message to a list; all good. With a second email I demonstrated its use to a new administrator and used Test mode. All went well except it actually issued the emails to all members of the list.
It is now a mess; sort of hybrid. The last campaign results in the dashboard shows the number viewed (60%) but the campaign is not listed in Statistic overview (the first one is). It is listed under Draft, not Sent in List of Campaigns. The campaign shows up as sent in individual subscriber details.
This could have been extremely embarrassing! Is it a bug or could I have done something stupid?

Hi @ajcocker and welcome to the forum!

Firstly, the campaign may not be listed as sent becuase it was edited after it was sent, which changes its status back to draft. You should be able to mark it as sent again in order to make it show up in the right places.

Not sure what you mean by test mode – if you tick the ‘test campaign’ box on the last page of the campaign composer, that only allows you to delete it later, it doesn’t affect how it sends. There is a test mode which is separate to this and is enabled in the config file, but that would have prevented the campaign being sent to any real recipients, so presumably that’s not what you used.

Hope that helps.

I can’t replicate the issue on the latest version. However, please consider the comment on the config file about that setting.

When in test mode phpList will not send any email but it will show what would have been sent so, you will see the campaign listed. Stats overview page will also show it.