Template Problems

The system is not allowing me to up load my template claiming it does not have a content placeholder when it actually does.

This is a template I have reedited and uploaded many times before!

Any advice greatly appreciated?

He, can you copy the template code? Use the </> tag

Hi Anna. I don’t really know what you mean?

Copy and paste the html of your template into the message.
Then select it all
and click the </> button in the message editor.


This same template has been working fine for years. Has something changed with the phpList?

No, which is why I want to check your template as a first step :smile:

Can I send it to you privately?


Ok, I have checked the template and I think you are really miss-understanding how these work. Can you read the manual section on templates https://www.phplist.org/manual/ch020_templates.xhtml and the following chapters and let me know if this helps?



Thanks Anna,
I am frequently told when I ask a question that I am using it wrong but it has been working fine for 7 years.
Why all of a sudden would the system claim there is no content place holder when the same content placeholder is in the same place it has been for 7 years?

Hi, It looks to me like you are putting your entire content in the template, which is really odd. I am not saying that your current problem is definatley caused by this but really, what you are doing must be loads more effort than is needed and it is bound to cause problems for you. The link I sent explains things really quickly and simply.

If you are adamant that you want to use phpList this way, then you will need to think about what could have changed. when you last upgraded or what things have you changed which could have trigger the issue. As I say, even if you solve the issue this one time, it’s a very strange way of using the system and will probably be causing you other issues too.

Can you direct me to a video that demonstrates the correct process?
I have no real skills in this area and regardless of how simple explanations are claimed to be they always quickly become incredibly complicated as so much knowledge is always assumed!

Can I forward a sample email to you somewhere so you can see what iot looks like and if you think I can produce the same document more easily with the process you are suggesting?


Hi, No sure, I do understand your feelings. However, I wrote much of the manual myself. These chapters:


are specifically aimed at people such as yourself. You can give feedback on any part you don’t understand by clicking the link at the bottom of the chapter, and I promise I will make sure to help you with every question or issue you have :smile:


Thanks Anna

I will be busy for the next few days but will read your documents over the weekend or early next week and let you know how I go?

Can you show me some examples of what an email can look like with the correct system. I fear it will have design limitations with the middle content not matching the header and footer very well?

From what I have seen it should look fine as it is. You just need to put the right bits of code in the right place. There is also a free template to download and try.

Also, try not to out text in as an image (I noticed you did that) because images are blocked by default and also it can get you caught in spam traps.



Hi Anna
I have had some help from someone else who has suggested I bypass the whole template business and simply paste my html into the content field.
This seems to be working nicely for me?
The other problems turned out to be a server issue that has also been resolved.

Sure, that’s another way to do it if you like. It depends on what works for you.

But the text-in-images rather than typed text point stands, you really should not do that.

Do you mean the banner?

This bit http://davidharradine.com.au/pics/Canberra2015.jpg - I can appreciate that it looks pretty, but you have to understand

  1. Many of your customers will net see any thing, because images are blocked. Say if you had an open rate of 20%, then than means that 20% of people unblocked images or clicked a link. There will be loads of people who didn’t unblock images, so they won’t see anything at all in that space.

  2. When large parts of your message are in an image, spam blockers are more likely to flag you. In this case it’s not so bad, because you have other sections of text that are quite long

  3. that image is over 150kb, which is really pushing at the realms of sensible file size. It will make the email slow to load.

Well as my newsletter is aimed and photographers and visual creatives, if they have images turned off then they are probably not my market!