Template Ignoring my CSS

I am creating my HTML templates in Dreamweaver and uploading them to phpList and setting as default to send.

As long as I compose a new campaign every time the template is sending correctly However, if I try and reuse a draft all my CSS gets ignored or overwritten or something?

I have tried replacing the CSS in the config > setting with my CSS under “CSS for HTML messages without a template”, but this has made no difference?

Any help appreciated.

Hi, can you define a workflow more thoroughly: what exactly do you do and what exactly happens. something like

  1. make a new campaign
  2. save it as draft
  3. open draft

include screenshots if you can of what problem happens exactly, thanks

Hi Anna

After uploading my template as long as I start a new campaign there is no problem.

However, if I save a draft and then upload a new template and choose it as the format for that draft it ignores my CSS.

And, if I look at the template in the campaign template manager it also ignores my CSS.

So I just have to be sure I create a new campaign every time I edit my template and it all works fine.


But you should not need to do this very often, right? I mean, I have been using my phpList for years and I have only 3 templates in total…

I do this all the time when I create my new newsletter in Dreamweaver every fortnight. I then up load multiple versions to check the formatting and links!

The ability to simply swap a template from a draft would make life very easy!


Hi David,

When you ‘save the template’, phpList processes it (updating things like the header and footer), and alters the html. In particular, you would want to use in-line formatting, not a .css sheet or syling in the header. This is the opposite of what you would normally want to do on your website.

Also, phpList is expecting to see the [CONTENT] somewhere in the middle of the email, not at the very end, so that might be an issue, too.

Another way to send a series of messages is to save the original email html as a web page, and “send a web page” instead of pasting and saving and sending a message using templates.

The ‘acid test’ to see what is going on is to save your original html, then compare it with what is sent via phpList. Whatever is changed can provide some clues as to what is happening.

It sounds like you might not be using the template in the way intended by phplist. I’m not really following the details of what you are doing and the actual problem, but you seem to be composing the complete newsletter in dreamweaver. It might be simpler if you do not use a template at all and copy/paste the complete newsletter into the campaign message.

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Thanks Duncanc, I just tried that on your suggestion and it kind of works, but the formatting is a mess due to my tables?

you should totally turn of the WYSIWYG editor plugin if you use it this way

I have used a mid point before now with this. Header and footer as template and then pasting in tables into body.