Targeting your campaigns - list segmentation: manual chapter feedback and discussion

Feedback on the following chapter:

I can certainly see how segmenting data would be beneficial in targeting campaigns but would like perhaps an example of to do this to target by State or Province or a combination of two, three or several of these attributes. A step by step list would be useful i.e.
1 you need to install this plug-in (if required)
2. Where to get the plug in
3. How to install
4. Hot to use. etc

I must admit I am new to this software and am finding it very useful (already in a couple of days I have set up six lists and sent three campaigns. I realize, that I could breakdown my existing lists into smaller lists based upon the State/Province field but segmentation seems so much easier

Ah, yes. Well:

would be in the plugins chapter, however, we (or you if you like) can certainly add something about targeting geographically using the attribute send plugin.

I will make a note :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help!