Switching to https

Hello everyone!

I am finally switching my blog to https, and changing to a shorter domain name at the same time.

I run phplist on that same site, and want to switch it to https and the new domain name too.

I won’t be doing the migration myself, but I do want to wrap my head around what’s involved so I can successfully assist the person who will.

Is there anything in particular I need to pay attention to in migrating an existing instance of phplist to https and a new domain name? Is there documentation about the process?

Many thanks for your insights,

Clotilde from Paris. :slight_smile:

Hi @clotilde ,

I don’t think it would be an issue, (the https). You would want to put the following in your config.php file:

# Public protocol
# phpList will automatically use the protocol you run the admin interface on for clicktrack links and
# tracking images
# but if you want to force this to be http, when you eg run the admin on https, uncomment the below line
# see also https://mantis.phplist.com/view.php?id=16611

As far as changing the domain, you would need to go into the settings in the web interface, change the domain to your new domain. Note that some of the the settings like ‘unsubscribeurl’ on the settings page does not update automatically. You’ll need to change it manually.

By the way, I told my sister in Minneapolis about your blog, she signed up for your emails, and is a big fan of yours.


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Thanks so much, Dan, that’s most helpful.
I would have totally overlooked that unsubscribeurl setting in particular!

I’m going to have a redirect between the old protocol/domain and the new, but it’s cleaner if everything is up to date.

And thank you so much for sharing my work! Please give my best to your sister. :slight_smile: