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Support for no-JS users (invisible body class)


Can you please fix phpList so that it supports users without JS?

I upgraded my server’s phpList version, and I was really sad to discover that it now doesn’t support users without JS out of the box. Digging into the HTML, I see there’s this new ‘invisible’ class applied to the ‘<body>’ tag, and some new JS at the bottom of the page. When I removed the ‘invisible’ from body's class list, everything worked as desired.

Oddly, after I pinpointed the source of this html to the following file:


…I found that this file (and, in fact, the entire phplist-ui-bootlist directory) is strikingly absent on github–which hinders further investigation

So I have a few questions:

  1. Why isn’t the phplist-ui-bootlist directory on github? If it’s not there, then where does it live and how does it get added to the phpList release?
  2. In which release of phpList was this invisible class added to the body tag?
  3. Who made this change?
  4. Why was this change made?
  5. Is there any reason why we can’t remove the invisible class from this file in a future release of phpList, so that users without javascript can be supported again ootb?

Thank you,
Michael Altfield

I guess that you want to continue using the Dressprow theme which was no longer included by default last year

The simplest way is to copy the appropriate directory from a release prior to 3.4.6.

  1. @maltfield I can’t tell you more :wink: but these files seem stored in the following github repository and changes made via Mantis