SuperAdmin privileges

As far as I can see the following is not the case with phpList 3.2.6.

I would like to prevent some SuperAdmin users from seeing the System and Config menus.
Can the privileges tick boxes be made to apply to SuperAdmin users in the same way that it does for standard Admin user to achieve this?

Alternatively, I would like some way to share subscriber lists across standard Admin users.
This is far more necessary now that DuncanC’s superb Segments available to be used

At present, the only way for admin users to see all the lists that are available is for them to all login as the same user or be set as SuperAdmin - both of which would be our audit team.

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At the moment, this is not possible.

Hi Dan,
I am aware that it does not, but why can it not be amended to do this.

Is the ability to hide a menu for SuperAdmin users going to be any different?

If the issue is that it would affect existing admins in an adverse way, can a 3rd level of admin be added so that this can be achieve?