Suggestion on phplist link back image in campaigns

I’m all for plugging this great and free and open source campaign software in users’ campaigns via a link back to phplist.

However, I think people would be less likely to attempt to remove the link if the link to to the image could be done in such a way that it could be reduced in size.

I know the for my campaigns the link to the image is obsessively LARGE at the bottom of every email, kind of screaming out at the reader “PHPLIST”.

Is there someway to modify or otherwise change the size of this image that is pulled setting either a maximum or minimum image size?

Some people have campaigns with smaller fonts and other with larger fonts - on those with smaller fonts the biggest image screaming out at the reader is the image link to phplist.

Just a suggestion.

Thanks for listening.

@pancakehollow Many thanks for the constructive feedback. Could you include a screenshot of the size of the image to give us an idea of the rendering proportions? Different screens and clients show the image very differently. The next release of phpList (3.4.0) includes a new ‘powered by’ image which should be exactly the same size but higher resolution an slightly different design (courtesy of Ura Design). Details are on the Mantis roadmap.