Suggestion for CSS improvement on subscribe page construction

Moving this here, originally published in github:

I’ve been trying to find some info regarding tweaking further the construction of the table block within the subscription pages without success so far. Read and linked pages but did not find any info regarding.

I can think this code is generated at: public_html/lists/admin/subscribelib2.php but not sure.

I can see the attributes inputs include a class assigned with the attribute id (ie <input type=“text” name=“attribute31” …"

but It would be of great help in order to design the page with css and have further personalization options that that class was also included within the TR so “anything” of that row could be personalized. It makes sense for CSS personalization to start on the first level as that would allow me to tweak the tr itslelf or any of their containing items, including input, select or label. Furthermore a “label” and “input” or value on each of the corresponding td would also help alltough can be done with nth position.

Happy to consider helping on it if all that construction is centralised on a certain file or function.


The GitHub issue:

This issue described above is now closed and archived. I just wanted to add here the link of a relevant to this topic issue:

Just in case someone might want to read both. :slight_smile: