Suggestion: Allow CKEditor Plugin to be enabled for campaigns not templates

@duncanc Lately I’ve been working on various templates including the one used for the release announcements, and found the need to disable CKEditor every time I use the templates page, then re-enable it every time I edit the campaign content. That’s because my complex template HTML gets automatically reformatted and broken if CKEditor is enabled, but I still want to use it for basic text formatting within the campaign content.

It would be great if the Plugin had a setting which allowed enabling it only for campaigns but not for templates. What do you think?

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I think it would need to be a phplist configuration setting not the plugin because there are other editor plugins that must work in the same way. This is the code in template.php that invokes the editor

if ($GLOBALS['editorplugin']) {
    echo $GLOBALS['plugins'][$GLOBALS['editorplugin']]->editor('template',
} else {
    echo '<textarea name="template" id="template" cols="65" rows="20">';
    echo stripslashes(htmlspecialchars($data['template']));
    echo '</textarea>';

This could be changed to include a test of a configuration setting

if ($GLOBALS['editorplugin'] && getConfig('use_editor_template')) {

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That looks like a simple solution. In this case, the only changes that would be required would be the one you stated, plus the addition of a new default value, plus documentation, for use_editor_template, correct?

I think that the configuration setting should be on the Settings page not a config.php setting. I’m not sure which file needs to be changed to add a new setting to, say, the Campaign Settings group.

Update - it’s the file defaultconfig.php that will need to be changed to add a new setting.