Subscription Confirmation link time sensitive

When a new subscriber is sent this message from our system, their email has already been added to the database but not confirmed.

  Almost welcome to our newsletter(s) ...
    Someone, hopefully you, has subscribed your email address to the following newsletters:
    If this is correct, please click the following link to confirm your subscription.
    Without this confirmation, you will not receive any newsletters.
    If this is not correct, you do not need to do anything, simply delete this message.
    Thank you

Is there anyway to make the [CONFIRMATIONURL] time sensitive. In other words, if the “almost” subscriber has not sent the confirmational url to the system within 24 hours, then the system removes the email and related information.
This change would make the last sentence more appropriate for potential subscribers.

I used 24 hours here as an example.

Out of interest, why would you like to do this?


Trust is a good thing, it is not given but earned. Groups, organizations, businesses, etc. spend a great deal of time and money telling the public that the service, product, or whatever they deal with is good and the way to do things.
That being said, if we tell them “You do not need to” do something when their email address was used to subscribe them to our newsletter system, and later when we send another email asking a second time for their confirmation, it is like, "how did you get my email address in the first place? I was told in a previous email to do nothing and the subscription would be canceled."
At this point the organization is suspect for retaining their email address without their approval and everything the organization puts out, now becomes suspect as well.
It just seems a better way of handeling. potential future subscribers… after all, they may decide to subscribe at some later date. However, when they find out they have been blacklisted after “doing nothing” about an earlier subscription offer, which they did not initiate in the first pace, they will never trust the organization and what it stands for again.
PHPlists already sends time sensitive emails when someone asks for their password… this just seems a better way of dealing with people that have never been a subscriber before and did not originally ask to become one.


Well, what happens is this

Sign up
OK to receive mails

If they don’t confirm, they remain on the system as unconfirmed: they are not blacklisted but you can’t mail them either.

They can be manually confirmed or manually deleted from the Subscribers > Manage Subscribers > Reconcile subscribers page. You can mark them confirmed or “delete subscribers who signed up and have not confirmed their subscription”

Hope that helps

Yes, I am aware of how it happens, however when several people are involved in using the system as additional Admins, at some point one will confirm the subscribers and you start the scenario I described. I just thought this would prevent possible future problems, especially if the user gets confirmed and then marks your newsletters as spam.