Subscription Button Text not escaped

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Hi there,

I noticed a “bug” about the Subscription Button in subscription form
Apostrophe is not escaped, especially for French.

For example if I type " Je m’inscris " and save the page
I go back to the page, modifiy something else and save again, my form finally displays " Je m\'inscris"
And each time I save again my page, it adds a backslash “\”

" Je m\\\\\'inscris"

For the next update ?
Thank you for this amazing solution.

Also I found some mistakes in French translation.
I tried to sign up to
but I never received the confirmation mail, I tried 2 times.
I also tried to connect with my current login, it didnt work.
I’ll be glad to help you for the translation too.


EDIT : some backslashes have been removed from my messages when I sent it, so I doubled my backslash in this message to display it as expected ^^

@Support-enligne It is an error in file spageedit.php, see for the necessary change.

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Thank you Duncan,

it’s fixed.