Subscribers Page - Display Attributes

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The subscribers page, under “Search Subscribers”, displays only two columns, ‘Subscribers’ and ‘List’. Under the first column only the email address is shown. Is there a way to display additional attributes in this view? For example, we have the “First Name” and “Last Name” attributes that would be very useful if they could be displayed, as well as have the ability to sort.

The only option to available to see all subscribers with these attributes is to export the list. Not altogether very practical.

Thank you.

@AlanW You can use the Subscribers plugin which provides a search page. The search results are configurable to show subscriber attributes.

Follow the “Find plugins” link on the Manage Plugins page to see the available plugins.

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Thank you. The plugin is infinitely more useful than the default.

Hopefully future releases will include the ability to sort by column. Nevertheless, a very nice plugin.

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Hello @duncanc,

the plugin is really great and works fantastic. Thanks for this. As @AlanW said: It is way more better than the default. But there is one thing missing in the plugin. There is no way to choose one or more subscribers to do some action like move or copy to another list (as it is possible on the list members page). I think, this would be very helpful.

Like @AlanW I was searching for a way to find a couple of members to move them to another list which was not possible with the default option . With the plugin you can find them easily but you can´t move them.

Is there a way to implement this feature in the plugin?

Thanks for your answer

@saschavalentin I’m looking at linking the advanced search page results with the command page, so that you can then use one of the commands, remove from list, unconfirm, etc, using the email addresses from the search results. Also add a command to move subscribers from one list to another.