Subscribers NOT receiving confirmation email

I’m currently testing a Landing Page for an upcoming promo. I’m doing it on my server in a test environment vs. I have a number of email accounts on yahoo and gmail under real name and author name so I have lots of test emails to use.

When I subscribe on the Landing Page, it says they’ve been subscribed to my test newsletter. They show up unconfirmed in my test list. However, the email requesting confirmation of the subscription never hits the in-boxes of these test emails. Even though I use the word test in the subject line.

I thought perhaps the reason the emails weren’t being received was because I hosted the landing page in “website/LandingPage/filename” outside of the Mailing List directory. So I moved the directory/file into the Mailing List directory that didn’t work either.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I’ve looked at the code on the landing page. It’s pointing to the correct subscriber page. I reviewed the config_extended.php file for possibilities, but don’t see anything that would make a difference. I know there is the issue of email at other domains being received, but my test yahoo account gets plenty of spam from the same people, so I can’t believe my confirmation request is being halted.

Any thoughts would be appreciated. Monica

Hi Monica,
you need to make sure your test environment is setup properly. This extends past phpLlist, into more arcane issues such as forward and reverse DNS setting, and proper SPF and DKIM headers being generated by the mailserver in your test system.

If these items are not setup correctly, your emails won’t be delivered the way you want or expect on the ‘big players’…, hotmail, aol, gmail, live, etc.

Yep, that’s what I was afraid of…shaking head and pinching nose with fingers So I decided to test a small list on PHPlist dot com

Now I can’t get the subscriber to be added to a specific list. I’m ready to go eat a whole batch of chocolate chip cookie dough. sigh

Thanks, for the confirmation of what I thought might be the issue, but hoped I was wrong.