Subscriber with multiple emails


I am new to phpList and have a coupleof quick questions:
Can a subscriber have more than one email addresses?
Also, Can a list of subscribers be imported with Subscriber lists attached to each email? Currently I have a subscriber list in my CSV file but when I import it, the column is automatically skipped.


Can anyone help?



No, you import a group of email addresses into just one list.

Thank you for your reply Duncan.

You can import into more than one list at a time, but you specify the list(s) in the import interface, not as a field in the imported data. You do this by checking the box(es) for the list(s) to which the new subscribers should be added.

Until recently I was importing to two lists for each data set – the main list and a one-time-use list just for welcoming the then-current set of new people. I’ve now revised my process to avoid creating a bunch of one-off lists (although I’m still stuck with the pile I created in the past).

Thanks Crenel.

That is what I am doing. I am just splitting my csv into multiple files and importing them one at a time and specifying the list at that time.