Subscriber management for only the list they are a member of


I would like to offer only the list that the user is subscribed to when they click on the manage subscriber link in the email.
Is this possible?

I don’t think so… the lists offered are the ‘public lists’.

Thanks for the reply Dan.

So a private list will only show the one list? I am happy that the lists are not there to be seen by the public. As long as I can steer people to subscribing with a direct link it should be fine.

May changing to a private list is the answer.

Hi All

This is not the answer as private lists do not allow you to send a link and the people subscribe themselves.

I want to be able to offer the people a subscribe link, but then to be able to only show the one list, not all the lists on the server.

Any advice would be great.

Did you try making all lists private and then making a custom subscribe page which is associated with only one private list? Perhaps subscribe pages cannot be associated with a private list (even one) - unfortunately I don’t recall.

This seems like a common use case so your findings will be valuable and can influence development.

I will check, thanks.