Subscriber List Numbers

Did a search of the forum and got all but one part of my question answered. I’ve search the documentation, the forum, and older documentation for the final portion, but no luck.

I need to know what the orange-colored number is. For example on ALL SUBSCRIBERS.
Green 2912 is total subscribers
Red is blacklisted / unconfirmed subscribers (Red’s defined in the view subscribers for a list)
What is the orange?? Are these unconfirmed and that all the red’s are just blacklisted?

Thanks! Monica

Hi Monica,

I had this question too and did not find it anywhere in the doc and yours was the only question on the forum as far as I could tell.

It mean they are unconfirmed. Here’s a What’s New from when this feature was added that I found doing a google search: phpList 3.2.5 what’s new: subscriber stats, new placeholders, auto-embed |