Subscribe, unsubscribe pages doesn't work


I am using phplist v3.3.4.

When we click on subscribe or unsubscribe pages it goes to the dashboard.

Please help.

Have you checked what the urls are in the admin>config>settings>Subscribe Settings section and actually point to your public website?

Also, are you self hosting or using for hosting, if so, you probably need to submit a ticket direct.

Yes it is point to our website. The url goes to my admin page dashboard instead of the subscribe page.

I have self hosted the phplist.


The urls should not point to admin pages, but public pages. Any link containing /admin/ is for admins only, not subscribers.

Yes, I did try to find your public pages (, but the url re-directed me to phplist so it looks like you haven’t set your website correctly in the config settings page (not the config.php file).

Looks like you’ve also got a trailing slash on your url link as well.