Subscribe Page & List Not Connecting

I’m still really new at this, and I don’t use it daily, so I keep having to backtrack and relearning things. But I really thought I understood what I was doing. My subscribe page and specialty list don’t seem to be communicating.

I have my signup form set to subscribe&id=3
For subscribe page 3, I selected Newsletter List 4 as the list I want the subscriber to be dropped into.

I’ve tested it, and the subscriber keeps being dropped into Newsletter List 1 (not the generic all subscribers list). Even when I edit the subscribe page 3 and select both Newsletter lists 1 and 4, it still bypasseses List 4 completely.

I’m sure this is a simple fix, and I’m going to feel like an idiot, but what am I missing here?

EDITED to include the code I adjusted this morning. The subscription continues to drop into the main newsletter list and the subscriber never gets added to List 4

Thanks, Monica

You should compare the html that you have with that generated by phplist for the subscribe page to see any differences. When you use that subscribe page directly does it subscribe to the list that you want?

It works flawlessly from the the phplist subscribe form. Drops the subscriber into the appropriate list every time. I’ve reviewed my code for the form using the phpList Documentation on custom subscribe pages. I followed those instructions.

When you say compare the phplist subscribe page html, you’re referring to my comparing the form portion only, correct?

Thanks, Monica

Your html doesn’t match that of the subscribe page. For example the subscribe page refers to list 17

<input type="hidden" name="list[17]" value="signup" /><input type="hidden" name="listname[17]" value="Love's Revenge Free Book"/>

and it also has mandatory country and reading choice attributes, which your html doesn’t include.

Aha! The list number is the issue. I corrected it, and it works like it’s supposed to do. Thank you very much Duncan.

Outside of looking at the html of the phplist subscribe page, how/where would I be able to determine what the list number is fro a list I am working with? It’s not shown on the subscriber lists screen or in editing. Am I missing the obvious?