Subscribe page generate error (http 500)


I’m new to phpList and an absolute beginner in PHP, so bear with me.

I did a Softaculous install (phpList 3.6.2) on a sandbox site running PHP 7.4. No problem, both front- and backend worked fine.
So I then did the Softaculous install (same version 3.6.2) again from scratch on my production site running Apache 2 and PGP 8.0.3.
At first nothing worked but after fiddling a bit (a lot, actually) with the PHP Extensions I managed to login to the backend.
However, the frontend (subscribe page) fails to display. Instead it generates an HTTP 500 error, saying the server cannot execute the request.

Softaculous configured the config.php file, which looks OK to me (I have searched the forums extensively). I did not touch any other file.

Any suggestions toward solving this problem will be very much appreciated.


@Paul You should use php 7 for now as there are still some issues with using php 8.

Thanks very much, @duncanc!
Glad to hear it wasn’t “my fault”! :grin:
I’ll just start playing with the admin part and wait till the issues are resolved. I’d rather not go back tot PHP 7 as there were some security issues with that.