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Subscribe page design and configuration: manual chapter feedback and discussion


Feedback on the following chapter:


This looks good to me.
Maybe it could use a few screen shots, but anyone who wants to do this should be able to read the instructions and be able to figure out the source html on their edits… or else!


This is regarding the “Advanced Customisation” section of the Subscribe page design and configuration topic.

A) re: “You create a blank page in your HTML editor…”
  Okay. Did that. The page is completely BLANK.
  Oops, you meant:
     … a page that is a “sort of blank” HTML page,
    … but with the HTML, HEAD and BODY — and with the /BODY, /HEAD and /HTML — codes already created.
Got it. What’s next?

B) “…then copy and paste the contents of the Header box …”
  q: What? Paste it where?

C) “… and replace the code {/head} {body} in the HTML editor with the copied code…”
    » Really?
        » How can I replace the single End Head {/head} code with an entire stack of code?
        » Then, after I’ve pasted that entire code into the End HEAD {/head}, I also replace the single Start BODY {body} code with with the entire Clipboard contents also?
            » » Really?

  q1: Do you mean to paste the Clipboard Contents AFTER the Start Head {head} code but BEFORE the End HEAD {/head} code?
  q2: Or did you mean to …
    first — paste “part of the copied code” within the HEAD,
    then — paste “the rest of the copied code” into the BODY?

What does this mean?
Needs to be more precise, aka “boring” to pHp coders.
As Albert said, “Only detailed enough to be accurate, and not one word more.”


Add how to embed the subscribe page into your website, which will normally be some sort of CMS with editor.


Okay, for the time being, please take a look at my site and see if this item makes sense, based on a Joomla! website.

For an HTML site, the following article may be of use, again, please have a look and see if it makes sense, cheers.


Thank you. Support has also given me a link: but I think your posts might be more informative.