Stuck at Still to process

I have a campaign that is set to requeue daily so that I send a welcome offer to all new subscribers.

More than half of the subscribers seem to be stuck in ‘Still to process’ status. See:

Is there something I can do to force out the message to those who are stuck?


I am still having this issue. I am hoping everyone was busy with the holidays and new year, but that someone now has time to make some suggestions.

Even a good way to make a list of which subscribers did nor receive the message would be helpful.



@tdgjrb have you looked at the event log page for any problems sending the previous campaign?

Hi @duncanc,

I did not find any errors in the system log, but stopping and re-queueing the campaign seems to have forced all messages out.

I will continue to monitor new subscriptions for issues.

When I was re-queueing the campaign, I did notice that the ‘Stop sending after’ date had passed, but I thought I previously checked that the ‘Requeue until’ date overrides that setting, but maybe not.

Thanks as always for the generous help!