Stuck at 14 e-mails still to process, campaign stays in Drafts


We have run into a problem where we sent a campaign out last week and not all the messages were sent out.

The campaign is still in the Drafts campaign folder despite processing the queue for it.

Under the Status column for the campaign, this is shown:
14 Still to
Sent: 811

So, it appears 14 e-mails were not sent for some reason and the campaign maybe needs to complete to move out of Drafts?

In the event log, there is the following:

Log of events:

Looking for subscribers
Found them: 824 to process
Processed 30 out of 824 subscribers

Finished this run (many loops of 30 sends to get through the list)

(last send is here)
Processed 30 out of 47 subscribers
30 messages sent in 62.06 seconds (1740 msgs/hr)
Finished this run
Less than batch size were sent, so reloading imminently

(nothing more in the log; I would expect one more round of sends to do the last batch)

Processing the queue doesn’t process the campaign any further.

We are using PHPList 3.3.1 with PHP 7.0.22.

If anyone has any ideas, even to get the campaign out of Draft and into Sent, that would be appreciated. We can’t delete the campaign from Draft as this breaks the links for people that got the e-mail (the 818 people that did get it).

Tim Miller Dyck
Waterloo, ON, Canada