Strange problem with Autoresponder


I have a strange problem with PHPList and the Autoresponder plugin.

After having setup everything nicely, I wrote a series of ten messages, to be sent to users of my list every day for ten days.

My list currently has 56 people in it.

The first three messages were sent perfectly to all 56 users, every 24 hours.

Today I was puzzled because I didn’t get any message. So I checked, and according to PHPList statistics, the message has been sent out to 3 users instead of 56. I went to check, and I have still 56 users on my list.

Now what is going wrong here?



@kikinovak You will need to show more information about how the autoresponders are set up. Unless all of the subscribers joined at the same time then it won’t send to the full list.

All 56 list members were imported at the same time on the same day, from a CSV file. And autoresponders are all set up a day apart. The first three days, everything worked perfectly. On the fourth day the mail was only sent to 4 people out of 56. Now I’m clueless.

@kikinovak There was a new release of the plugin last week, are you using that, 3.0.0, or an earlier release?

If it is an earlier release then please can you upgrade to see whether that changes anything. Note that you might have to upgrade the CommonPlugin as well, so do that first before upgrading Autoresponder plugin.

Also, see the upgrading advice

OK, I’ve upgraded both the Common Plugin as well as the Autoresponder plugin to the latest version. It seems like over night, the last autoresponder mail was sent to one (?) more person. On the other hand, the next message that’s due the next day was sent one day too soon to one (!) person.

This looks like a bug to me. I tested this for three days in a row on a sandbox server, and it worked fine. Now I’m sending a “daily newsletter” about Linux security to all my clients, and if this is not working, then it’s quite embarrassing.



After upgrading, my cronjob which is executed every 5 minutes sends me the following error messages.

PHP Notice: Undefined index: ui in /var/www/microlinux-site/html/lists/admin/connect.php on line 123
PHP Notice: Undefined index: commandline_users in /var/www/microlinux-site/html/lists/admin/index.php on line 174

Now what ?

@kikinovak Can you look to see whether the update to the message table was applied?

The userselection column in the message table should now be empty or null, previously the rows for autoresponder campaigns would have had a chunk of sql.

The “undefined index” php notices occur because the plugin enables error reporting, which is disabled in the core phplist.

I will re-run the tests that I did last week to try to reproduce the problem.

Is there a way for me to have access to your server to try to debug this?

@kikinovak Also, when you reply please add my id (@bramley) so that I get notified.

@kikinovak Can you look at the listuser table to confirm that the modified column does have the timestamp that you are expecting?

Sorry, but the result of the bug was a complete mess in my newsletter. The whole thing worked perfectly for three days and then went haywire on the fourth. I migrated my newsletter to MailChimp and apologized to all my clients, because some had already started unsubscribing.

I’ll test PHPList and the autoresponder plugin sometime in the future, but in the present state I can’t use it on a production server.