Statistics stopped working

I have PHPList 3.2.5 installed on domain
I’m a pretty technical guy, but regarding statistics I have what looks like a blind spot.

I’ve set: $pageroot = ‘’;
I don’t understand what " root directory of your webserver (document root)" is. Is it the folder “public_html”, which holds files for the main domain, or anything else?

Settings puzzle me too. Right now I have:

Website address (without http://)
Domain Name of your server (for email)

Is Website address should be Tried - doesn’t make any difference.

In addition - campaigns plugin stopped working too. I’ve installed the latest version of this plugin and also common plugin - didn’t help. It shows the list of campaigns OK, but if I try to click on any button (like edit or delete) it just redirects me to the Login page.

I don’t know what happened, I didn’t use PHPList for about a month , it used to provide statistics and campaign plugin was working, then I came back, started mailing and discovered all these problems.

PHPList seems the only script I have absolutely no control of now. Please help, I’m an old man, nevertheless I know some PHP and mySQL not as a high end programmer, but enough to write simple scripts myself.

@alexeiz The config.php file has this guidance. If you installed phplist in the default directory then there is no need to change it

# if you change the path to the phpList system, make the change here as well
# path should be relative to the root directory of your webserver (document root)
$pageroot = '/lists';

The website address is just the domain, nothing else.
So you can probably see that phplist just concatenates the website address and $pageroot to work out its url.


So, the directory “lists” is in directory, that’s a domain.

$pageroot = “/lists”;

Website address (without http://)
Domain Name of your server (for email)

I think I’ve done it as you explained.

Statistics still doesn’t work.

Do I have to switch on statistics somewhere? somebody
mentioned it somewhere

What do you mean? Simply saying something “doesn’t work” is not very helpful.
Have you seen the online manual

Yes I’ve seen several manuals through about 10 years I’ve used PHPList.

“Doesn’t work” means, that it shows only the number emails sent, no opens,
no clicks.

To check I use a test list that consists of several of my own email
and after receiving the emails open them and click on links.

Giving enough time I look at the statistics - the number of sent emails
is right,
everything else is 0.

@alexeiz You need to enable user tracking (which is now the default so should already be enabled) and click tracking (which I think is not enabled by default).

But do you mean you have been using phplist for 10 years without either of these working, or they did work in the past and now do not?

About a year later I’ve started using PHPList again. I never managed to make statistics work - I mean any statistics so I’ve used outside service for a while. For example - Mailing of August 25. 2600 sent, no response

I don’t email you very often, but… 2860 0 0 0 0

The same in advanced topics. And I did get the results in the past.

8 November 2016 11:12:00 Sent: 8 November 2016 19:38:33
Viewed 43
Unique Views 30
Bounced 0
Time to send: 4 hours 39 minutes 35 seconds
Total Text HTML
1204 0 1204

That’s from last year.

@alexeiz So you did have campaign opens last November, after you had raised the problem in September of not having opens. Possibly there is a separate problem with emails not being delivered.

Are you sure that the 2,600 emails were actually received? You can check the event log page to see whether any errors were reported by phplist, otherwise you should always include one of your own email addresses in each list so that you can confirm the emails were received, then open the email.

Also, enable click tracking in addition to user tracking.