Statistics problem in v3.3.1-RC1 : views

I just notice that since I upgrade to the v3.3.1-RC1 en february I got problem on statistics view.

I look on forum and it seems it’s a common problem
View stat are working on new subscribers but doesn’t work on subscriber that have been register before update.

As I understand, it seems that problem are coming from uniqid that have been corrupted by upgraded
After checking I notice that old contact got a 36 length uniqid as

instead of the 32 as

As you could guess. as my upgrade was in february I couldn’t downgrade to the backup before upgrade.

Do you have @duncanc any idea how could i fixed it?

Maybe use solution offer by @ksmets
update phplist_user_user set uniqid=replace(uniqid, '-', '');

Is there any impact on history recorded?

Of course I.m not expecting get back the stats of news sent since february. only futurs stat.

@amsa The uniqid field should be 32 characters, so running that sql query will fix any that were updated incorrectly.

But you should first upgrade phplist to the latest release 3.3.1. The RC (release candidate) releases are only temporary and you are still running a version that has some major bugs.

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Thanks @duncanc
That’s I’ll do.
You right about RC and I’ll upgrade it.

But I just re-upload and compare both and change are slight.