Statistics not displayed after upgrading to phpList 3.3.1

Hello Samtuke,

I just installed the new version.
I launched a campaign.
Unfortunately the number of openings in the statistics remains at 0.
Should we make another update?

Thank you for your answer

I uploaded this version (3.3.1) but I always don’t see any openings in the statistics report.
II also reinposed commonPlugin and messagestatisticsplugin but nothing else.

@philro Please report this issue on the bug tracker and link to it here.

Sorry but I dont know how to proceed

Hello Sam,

I still have the same problem with the new version. I do not understand why the statistics do not work.

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@philro Please take a screenshot of an affected page, and include the URL of the page in question. If the issue relates to a page provided or modified by a plugin, we will need @duncanc’s input.

After installing the new version 3.3.0 (and 3.3.1)

Just 1 view today ? it’s very strange…
Before installing the new version 3.3.0

@philro There were some problems with the upgrade to release 3.3.0 which meant that views were not being recorded. This earlier topic came up with a fix Statistics problem in v3.3.1-RC1 : views = clicks

If you look at the phplist_user_user table using phpmyadmin can you see what the format of the uniqid column (not the uuid column) is? If the values look similar to a4e1d609-d04f-46a4-b6c8-d9417c402a4b (this is, it contains - characters) then you need to fix it as described in the linked topic.



Thank you for your reply.
I followed the explanations of @ksmets :
Fixed the database, by running the following sql statement:
update phplist_user_user set uniqid=replace(uniqid, ‘-’, ‘’);
I did a test.
Unfortunately, the problem is not solved.

@philro Did you create and send a new campaign? The change to subscriber uniqid values will be used for user tracking only in new campaigns.

Otherwise you will have to try to debug what is happening. In a browser request the image tracking url

where the value for the u parameter is the uniqid field for a subscriber. It should return a 1x1 pixel image.

Yes i did create and send a new campaign (test) but it remains the same.
I did try to debug but i got a blank page.

@philro I can take a look at your phplist but would need access to phplist and to the web server (database and files). If you want to do that then send me a private message with the access details.

You don’t appear to have enabled click tracking. Can you enable that to see whether it is working. Clicking a link in an email should be recorded. It is not directly related to user tracking but a link click does count as a view of the email.

@duncanc Suddenly, i got some views (but a few).
It’s’n’t very normal. For exemple, i usually have between 10 and 20 percent of views, and now not more than 5 percent.
I hope it will be better for the next campaigns.
Thanks for your help.

Dear All,
I have the same issue after upgrading recently from 3.0.4 to 3.3.1. I checked column “uniqid” in table “phplist_user_user” and there is not a single “-“ in the data. The data in еру column with UUID contains “-“ as it should be.
So there is no use applying the proposed fix.

Any idea what else can be done to gather statistics correctly in version 3.3.1? When is new release with a fix expected?

Thank you in advance for your help.