Statistic Views issue with Gmail / Hotmail

Unique views / Total views is counting delivered emails instead of opened emails whenever the receivers’ provider is gmail or hotmail.

This is something quite recent, last week statistics were working fine.

We suspect that this issue is related to the providers’ itself, therefore, we would like to suggest to remove gmail/hotmail from the count.

In the meantime, is anything we can do to fix it?

No suggestion for fixing, but I’ve been seeing delivery counted as opened at least for Gmail addresses for several months at least. It’s not consistent across all such addresses, though. When I send to a list of ~1000 addresses, maybe a couple dozen Gmail addresses will show as being opened within seconds of the email being sent (too many too close together to be realistic as actual opens), but other Gmail addresses won’t show first-opens until more realistic delays and intervals.

I definitely would not want to exclude Gmail addresses from the stats, but perhaps an option could be created (e.g., via a plugin) to enable disregarding a custom list of destination domains for the purposes of statistics.