Standard messages in Dutch (not English)

I have setup PHPlist on a hosted server.

In the config.php I have set:
$language_module = ‘’;

But the standard e-mails are still in English.

So in the main menu, Config, Settings I changed some settings like:
‘Message subscribers receive when they sign up’

But still messages are sent in English.

In the database I see in phplist-config, the following lines
subscribemessage Je bent aangemeld voor de volgende nieuwsbrieven: … 1 NULL
subscribemessage:1 You have been subscribed to the following newslet… 0 NULL
subscribemessage:2 Je bent aangemeld voor de volgende nieuwsbrieven: … 0 NULL

How do I get the standard messages sent in Dutch?

Kind regards,

What does “:1” / “:2” mean?
It seems related to editable which is “0”.

In our test environment I delete these rows and then it sends the subscribemessage on the first row.
But is this safe to do?
I don’t like to mess up the database.
I would like the frontend to be in charge.


@Peter-sdl See the manual section on Subscribe pages Creating a subscribe page | phpList manual . You should select the appropriate language for each subscribe page individually, but they default to the $language_module language.

Thanks for your reply @duncanc
The subscribe page works fine in Dutch.

But the messages sent out tot subscribers are not in Dutch.

Let me clarify what I did.

In the config page I translated a message:

But subscribers still receive the message with the text in English.

In the database I see multiple lines in the phplist-config table:

So I can I make sure the Dutch message is sent?

Kind regards,

@Peter-sdl You need to edit the transaction messages etc on the edit subscribe page, not the settings page.

@duncanc found it.

A little confusing, 'cause the manual says:
" Transaction messages
These are the messages sent to the Subscriber based on various actions, such as subscribe and unsubscribe. The defaults are taken from Config > Settings > transactional settings. It is possible to edit these, although the defaults are suitable for most situations."
but it works.

Thank you!