Spontaneous unsubscription

Hi everyone,

a couple of my subscribers have reported getting spontaneously unsubscribed from the list. Does anyone have the same issue? How can I fix it?

Hi, if you search for their email in phpList, and look at the history, it will say exactly how/when etc they became unsubscribed. Can you find this information for these subscribers and see what it says?

Hi, Anna. Thanks for your answer.
It says nothing special. The same things as with those who have unsubscribed intentionally.

Added to blacklist
Added to blacklist for reason "Jump off" set, reason not requested

Unsubscribed from * All lists

Are there any known bugs with spontaneous unsubscription?

There is a potential problem with using one-click unsubscribing, which is what Jump off means.
Some email virus/spam checkers “follow” links in the email, so if you have jump off set that will have the same result as the subscriber clicking the link to unsubscribe immediately.

See this topic in the old forums for a real example of it happening.
The user history should show the IP address used for unsubscribing, which might confirm whether something like I described is happening.
It is probably safest to not use jump off.

Additionally, if they forward a campaign to someone and that person clicks unsubscribe, that causes some issues.

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The unsubscription IPs differ from the other IPs of users in question. So I hope switching off the jump off will solve the issue.

From time to time i get the information via e-mail:

...@web.de has unsubscribed
Reason given:
"Jump off" used by subscriber, reason not requested

in the config i have:

if a user should immediately be unsubscribed, when using their personal URL, instead of

the default way, which will ask them for a reason, set this to 1


In my newsletters i don’t have any unsubscribtion or forward links. i wish that recipients write me back to unsubscribe.

the topic in the old forum couldn’t help. the ip seems to be fine.

any idea what the problem can be?
thanx in advance!

This won’t do you any favours, people will just mark you as spam and your IP address etc will be blocked… Better to have unsubscribe and preferences links and encourage people to use them.

Does this not just mean that the subscriber was not requested to give a reason for leaving. If they use Jump off, which is a standardise ubsubscribe system, then they might not be asked to give a reason.

Hi anna,
thanx for your reply.

Maybe you should know that we do not send newsletters in an usual way.
We have a special circle of receipients who get information which is not public. We decide who will be listed in our database.

We know most of the receipients personally and the “unsubscribe” reply via e-mail give us the chance to get in touch with the receipient to check out why he wants to unsubscribe of whether we should put him in another list , so he gets the information which suites more to his interests.

It is llong time ago now, but we made a check and ask a receipient who was blacklisted after such a jump off mail, whether he did it by himself, but nothing like that.

So, i am still wondering how it can be that a user will be blacklisted without any links to preference, unsubscribe oder forward pages.

I did some digging, and I think it’s this http://www.list-unsubscribe.com/ system which is in the headers of all campaigns and transactional messages, they may be offered an unsubscribe link by their mail provider

Hmm, okay!
Sounds interesting. Will try to figure it out, if this is the problem.

When anybody else have other “ideas or solutions” i would be grateful.