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Spam in Templates

Hi All,

Apologies if this is the wrong forum or it’s been covered before. I’ve installed PhpList a few times by Softalicious on Cpanel and manually. Each time when I create a new email template using the template library I get a load of spam links in the template code. This includes the usual s*e, gambling and adsense stuff etc. Has anyone else had the same problem or is it something I’m doing or has my hosting account been compromised?

Thanks in advance.

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Nope, never had that before. Sounds like you may have been hacked.

Change your password on your hosting account immediately, also on your phpList admin side of things. Check your files for any extra files not part of the usual phpList installation (not an easy thing to do). Also check for any files with permissions greater than 644, and directories greater than 755.

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