Spam bad reputation although mails are correct


We use the latest phplist version and we send bulletin to approx. 6800 subscribers. We send 200 messages per hour in order to avoid any bad spam filtering. E-mail addresses we use are our regular members. No, wrong addresses are there.
During last campaign we have been marked as spam by many spam filters worldwide. Is there any security issue in phplist which actually enable someone to exploit our phplist and use it as spam so we are detected as spam?


Being listed as spam can have many reasons. If you are using a shared host, or an email server with other users, it could be that your co-users are sending spam, and that is causing this to happen.

phpList Version?
hosting private vps or shared?


We use the latest version of phplist 3.3.1.
There are no other accounts except us on that virtual server.
It is private vps cloud service.


I realized that many files of phplist were changed and have had different date. I deleted them all and installed fresh new phplist. Well, that says that thee was injection of malicious script but we do not know how. Please check is there anything in phplist which can allow upload of malicious phplist.

What permission did the files affected have? File permissions should be no higher than 644, whilst directories should be 755. If the files where higher than 644, then they are vulnerable to malicious injections of scripts.

Also, how strong is your ftp password? (It’s your server/web space that’s affected by malicious injections, not phpList per se).

There isn’t any script in phpList that is malicious, but your ISP might flag certain types of files as malicious. I’ve had that happen before. It appears that they flag some files (.php files) as executable, and therefore malicious. It’s a setting in the ISP’s server, not in phpList.

All permissions are as you stated. There are no any unusual permission policies applied. I have not find any malicious php files elsewhere. But, I found that many phplist files have been altered and with changed date. Well, this is still not sufficient to say that phplist is “guilty” but I inform you on consequences. I installed fresh phplist and so far it is OK. I will let you know if there are any changes.


I do not say that there is any malicious in phplist files. But I found that many of phplist files were altered so I deleted them and installed fresh phplist.
I consider phplist in this case rather as victim. But, let me monitor situation and let you know if there are any news.