Sorting subscribers in base

Im using phplist from some time and have about 7000 emails in base.
The problem is that some of subscribers don’t open our emails and we want to move them to another subscriber list.
Now we got to view every one email in base and manually check if they open email or not.
Is there any possibility to make it automatically?
For now it will be great if we can sort it for those who open once or more and those who not open any time.

@o0emde The Advanced Search page in the Subscribers plugin shows the number of campaigns sent/opened/clicked for each subscriber.

You can export the results then, in a spreadsheet, sort or filter to get those subscribers who have not opened any campaign. The plugin also provides a page where you can bulk remove subscribers from a specific list.

You can find plugins by following the “Find plugins” link on the Manage Plugins page.

We use phplist 3.0.6. I can’t see Advenced search there.
Do I need to upgrade?

@o0emde Yes, to use the plugin you will need to upgrade phplist, see

After update I got this problem:

Is it problem with htaccess?
The same problem is when I click start new campain- it not goes to this screen, but to 404 page from my server.

And when I send test mail and want to unsubscribe it give me: Invalid request.

@o0emde Are you able to see which URL the 403 forbidden refers to? Review the CKEditor settings on the Settings page as those will have changed between the two releases of phplist.

CKEditor settings:
Width in px of FCKeditor Area
EditHeight in px of FCKeditor Area
EditSecond row of toolbar elements in the editor
EditPublic path to the FCKeditor
403- if you can tell me how, so I can look for this.
When I want to add new campain (http://…/mailer/lists/admin/?page=send&new=1&tk=2358438c6a7f17640139b42c6c889dd8) it goes to 404 page default for this domain.

@o0emde On the Manage Plugins page disable the fckeditor plugin and enable the CKEditor plugin, see if that makes any difference. Otherwise check that you have copied all of the .htaccess files in the phplist distribution.

With invalid request after click unsubscribe- I work on that- it was question of bad links.
Enable CKEditor works, but still, when I click "Start a new campain"it goes to 404 of domain.

Check that the value of $pageroot is correct in config.php

Ok, now works fine. Thans a lot for help.

One more question: I set up:
define(‘MAX_PROCESS_MESSAGE’, 100);
But it sending 5 emails in batch, wait 30 seconds and send 5 emails…
I try to set period to 30, 1, 35 and nothing changed.

Ok, I figure it out- it works now.
But Ive got another problem- after sending campaign, phplist don’t show me opens and clicks.
What can be the problem?

Anybody can help me with this issue?